5 Reasons to Work with Addicted2DirtPR and Media Management!

1. Keep fans engaged with your story through our personalized press releases

2. Promote your marketing partners to give them the value they deserve

3. Increase driver & team visibility to reach more fans and potential marketing partners

4. Present the polished, professional image marketing partners want

5. Leverage our audience and business model to achieve all of the above

1. Keeping Fans Engaged - Our Unique Philosophy

Why do people take an interest in something or someone?  It’s because of a sense of familiarity, a sense of something in common, wanting to know how the story ends, or wanting to be a part of something.


How can most drivers or teams expect someone to become a fan or partner if the only information the person receives is a few seconds each week from the track announcer?  


We bring a personal touch to the world of dirt track racing public relations establish and further that connection between you, your fans and your marketing partners.

2. Promoting Your Partners - It's All About Them

We can work with your partners to promote them through press releases, email newsletters and social media posts.  We use their brand logo and link it to their online presence to help build a visual brand recognition for readers.  


We can also work with partners to construct offerings that will bring the most benefit to them.  In addition to providing promotion and advertising on the race car, social media and press releases, we can work on creative avenues such as:

  • VIP experiences at the track for their employees or customers
  • Display advertising banners at the track
  • Give away promotional items
  • Wear the partner’s apparel at the track or appearances
  • Make driver/car appearances at their business or events

3. Increased Visibility - Get Your Story Out There

Simply getting your name out there through today’s online mediums such as websites, social media, and video outlets, can put you ahead of the competition.  Readers and viewers get to know your name and your story, which builds a sense of familiarity, an interest and a connection.  


Making sure readers and viewers see your face and get to know you as a person, is also a critical element in establishing and strengthening that connection.


Drivers and teams who rely solely on race fans seeing their car on the track and an occasional mention by the track announcer, will not grow their fan base or attract marketing partners nearly as effectively or quickly.

4. Professional Image - Forming Partnerships

A relationship with a marketing partner must be about an arrangement that benefits both the partner and your team. They key to establishing a relationship is demonstrating to the potential marketing partner that working with you and your team can benefit them, and that you will represent them with a professional, quality image they will be proud to be associated with.


That image starts with an online presence through press releases, social media posts and other content that are professional in both presentation and content.  Partners don’t want to be associated with, or represented by, social media posts with poor grammar, misspellings, or a negative message.


We can also help your team share statistics and other information with potential partners that will show them the surprising level of exposure they can realize through dirt track racing. Today’s reach of publicity goes far beyond the people in the seats at the track. Streaming services and social media have evolved the sport into a highly connected global community, so potential partners could be almost anywhere, not just in your hometown or within driving distance of your home track.


These are all a part of equation we leverage to promote the partner in the way they want to be promoted, giving them value for their investment in you.

5. Our Audience - We Can Help You Reach Further

Since the inception of Addicted2Dirt PR and Media Management in February 2020, we have worked to achieve all of the above for our drivers and teams by employing the philosophy described above.  Our reach statistics have continued a steady growth. 



  • Our website has a reach of over 31,000
  • Our social media platforms have a combined reach of over 88,000
  • Our email newsletter (new for 2021) is establishing a new audience, reaching those who are not on social media
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