MyRacePass Now Official Website Provider for Addicted2Dirt PR

Partnership Makes Addicted2Dirt PR a One Stop Shop for Client Needs

Harrisburg, PA – July 17, 2023

Addicted2Dirt PR and Media Management (A2D PR) has been providing public relations and social media management services to a growing client base since being established in 2020.

Now, owner Rich Watts has formed a partnership with MyRacePass that will help grow A2D PR and provide even more comprehensive services to clients.

MyRacePass, an over 15 year old software company based out of Lincoln, NE, brings all racing related content together and distributes it back through the network via tagged drivers, tracks, racing series/associations, and motorsports related businesses.

MRP, The Ultimate Racing Resource

MyRacePass (MRP) has become ‘The Ultimate Racing Resource’ since originating as ‘Driver Websites’ in 2008 and eventually evolving to become MRP in 2014.  The company not only specializes in providing professional, mobile-optimized websites that are a leader in the racing industry and beyond, they offer many other services to support public relations needs, such as apparel, banners, flags and even hero cards.

In addition, the company’s app is widely used by series, racetracks and teams across many forms of racing.  The websites built by MRP are fully integrated with their app, bringing news, profiles and statistics to a large audience of racing fans and partners.


Combining Forces to Add Value

Ben Shelton, Director of Driver Websites at MyRacePass, is looking forward to what the new pairing can do for both companies.

“Much like MyRacePass, Addicted2Dirt is a rapidly growing company, and we are excited to now be working with Rich Watts and his staff on websites for their clients. With his knowledge of racing paired with our custom website platform, I know that together we can help the Addicted2Dirt clients reach their marketing goals,” Shelton said. “I’ve gotten to know Rich over the past few years, and he shares the same passion for racing that our team at MyRacePass does, and we can’t wait to see what the future of this partnership holds for both his company and ours.”


About A2D PR

Websites are a key cornerstone for a race team or business to reach their audience.”, said Rich Watts, founder and owner of Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management.

Promoting and communicating requires an ability to get your information out where it can be discovered and consumed.  In today’s world there are so many outlets for information and a business needs to be out there in as many of them as possible to reach people.  Given that, working with MyRacePass and the integrated products they provide is a no-brainer for my business.  Their network allows our work to reach far more people with much less effort.  The cherry on top is that Ben (Shelton) and his staff are great people to work with.  They are a reliable, dedicated and passionate group.  We are proud to be partnering with them.

A2D PR is in the midst of its fourth year of providing ‘Personal and Powerful Dirt Motorsports Public Relations’.  The Pennsylvania based company strives to provide drivers, teams and businesses with a professional public image that will attract marketing partners and fans.

We strive to provide our services with a personalized touch that connects people with the driver, team or business by sharing their personality, their story, their struggles and their achievements.  It takes more time and effort to do that, but we believe that is key to lasting relationships.“, Watts shared.

Look for information about these new service offerings to be added to in the very near future!


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[L] Rich Watts, Founder & Owner of Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Mgmt [R] Ben Shelton, Director of Driver Websites at MyRacePass


Addicted2Dirt PR and Media Management provides personal and powerful dirt motorsports public relations.  We are a central Pennsylvania based business with a love of and passion for dirt racing and the people who make the sport what it is.

We keep fans engaged with your story through our personalized press releases
We promote your marketing partners to give them the value they want for their investment
We increase driver & team visibility to reach more fans and potential marketing partners
We present the polished, professional image that marketing partners want representing them
We leverage our audience and business model to achieve all of the above

Visit our website,, to learn more about us and follow along with the stories of our race teams!  

Follow A2D on Social Media!  We are @Addicted2DirtPR on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!  Follow hashtag #TeamA2D!

And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you are always notified of our latest video features, recaps and stories for #TeamA2D! 

Contact us via Email at:  [email protected]

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