ABR Lucas Oil Weekend Recap

A singer once sang, “Sometime’s You’re the Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug”

Port Royal, PA – August 31, 2020By Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s 1992 hit must have been playing somewhere. The song begins appropriately.

Well it’s a strange old game, you learn it slow
One step forward and it’s back you go
You’re standing on the throttle
You’re standing on the brake
In the groove ’til you make a mistake

The chorus gets right to the point.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug

Those lyrics pretty much sum up Austin Berry Racing’s 3-day foray with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series at Port Royal Speedway. ABR came into the event as prepared as they could be and were coming off a top 10 qualifying run in the last super late model event held at The Speed Palace. Despite that positive momentum, by the time the Lucas Oil sanctioned event was over, the team had struggled through nightly challenges and did not make the field for the two feature events that were able to be completed.

Nobody’s making excuses. The 3-day show August 27-29 brought a range of challenges: rain delays, less than optimal pill draws, mechanical issues and conditions that were hard on equipment. Sometimes there was only time for repairs instead of setup adjustments. A team can put in an effort that goes above and beyond but sometimes it just doesn’t all come together to equal the results that would seem to be fair payback.

What do you do when you face challenges like that? You try to move past the frustration as quickly as you can. You pay attention so you can learn. You remain positive. You continue working hard to apply that knowledge. You continue to believe in yourself and the team. You remember to give back to the fans. You thank the people who get you to the track. You keep smiling.

Austin Berry and the ABR team are doing all of the above and will bring their Rocket Chassis XR1, Swift Springs, MS Shock Therapy, Hershey Racing Engines, Berry’s Siding & Seamless Gutter, Nathan Berry Beef Farm #86 back at Port Royal Speedwayon Saturday, September 5th to compete in the the ULMS sanctioned Butch Renninger Memorial, as well as the ULMS makeup feature from August 8th.

Thursday, August 27th Gallery

Friday, August 28th Gallery

Saturday, August 28th Gallery


As always, thank you to all our sponsors and partners, including our silent partners who do everything they can to help but ask for nothing in return!

Swift Springs
Rocket Chassis
Ontime Body & Graphic
Hershey Racing Engines
MS Shock Therapy
Berry’s Siding & Seamless Gutter
Nathan Berry Beef Farm


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