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Justin Henderson to Wheel Famed Kreitz 69k

Tea, SD – September 11, 2023

by Justin Snyder / Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Mgmt

Photo Credit:  Leister Photography

Justin Henderson is proud to announce that he will be competing behind the wheel of the famed Kreitz Racing No. 69k for three events to close out the 2023 racing season. 

Henderson will join the team for their first event together on October 14th for the Weldon Sterner Memorial at the Lincoln Speedway in Hanover, Pa. 

The team will then venture off the porch November 1-4th for the World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track at Chalotte in North Carolina. Their final event together will take place on November 11th at BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven, Pa.

“When the ride came available after Lance left, I called Donnie and I threw my hat into the ring,” said Henderson. “I told him I didn’t have any sponsorship to bring to the table and I didn’t want to be a ride chaser, but I wanted a shot at it.

“I had commitments up until Knoxville and we couldn’t put something together until after that, but ultimately I’m just really looking forward to this opportunity and I think we can be fast and compete at a high level.”

While this will be the first time Henderson ventures to Central Pennsylvania during the 2023 season, he’s no stranger to the local tracks and the Pennsylvania Posse as he served as a full-fledged member many years ago behind the wheel of the Dawn and Charlie Sorokach No 35 and Mark Coldren’s No. 07.

It was around that time in 2015 that he met Kreitz, as he piloted the famed powder-blue 69k for a handful of races while Kreitz was dealing with health issues. It’s a relationship that has blossomed since then and had Henderson on top of Kreitz’s list when it came time to find a driver to close out the season.

“It feels really good to know that we have a relationship capable of them calling me back to run for them again,” said Henderson. “A lot of this sport is about relationships and obviously I made enough of an impact on Donnie and the team to where they believe I can get it done. More than anything, that’s a pretty special feeling for me.”

While the plans are currently for Henderson to only pilot the car for these three races, there’s an opportunity for future races and plans for the 2024 season. Either way, Henderson is relishing the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a famed car and a ride that he feels may have gotten away from him years ago.

“I think we’re both looking towards next year. Things need to go well and make sense, but if it goes like I think it can and will, it’s a no brainer to do more together,” said Henderson. “I’m really just looking forward to sitting in the car and the feeling that comes with driving such an iconic ride.”

“I’ve driven for some pretty good teams and owners, but there’s just something really special about this team and how they operate. There’s going to be some butterflies and anxious moments about it, but I didn’t know if I’d ever get the opportunity to do this with Donnie and Davey again and I’m so thankful.”

More than just the racing, Henderson is very excited about the ability to get back to Pennsylvania and spend some time in “The Keystone State”.

“My wife is from Pennsylvania, and we’ve obviously got some roots there,” he said. “To be able to load up the family and get some added time surrounded by friends, family and the Pennsylvania fans is something I don’t take for granted and it has me amped up even more.”

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