Audition Aced: Justin Henderson Secures Kreitz Racing Ride for 2024 Racing Season

Concord, NC – November 10, 2023

by Justin Snyder / Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Mgmt

Photo Credit:  Derick Kriner Photography


Following a successful weekend at The Dirt Track at Charlotte that saw Justin Henderson put the Kreitz Racing No. 69k in the feature all three nights with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, Henderson has been named the driver of the famed powder-blue Sprint Car for the 2024 racing season.

While a complete schedule will be ironed out over the offseason, the deal will see Henderson pilot the car for all events excluding Port Royal Speedway, where Logan Wagner will return to the car for 2024.

“I’ve been hoping and praying for an opportunity like this and when Donnie called me to say he was choosing me for 2024, I was extremely excited,” said Henderson. “I can’t speak with full certainty of what all races we’ll be doing next season, but it’s a great feeling knowing that this is taken care of, and I can focus on driving the car and winning races now.”

As a veteran driver, Henderson has been around the block regarding the Sprint Car scene. He’s raced around the country for some well-known car owners and won a lot of events. However, while his resume speaks for itself and his talent is undeniable, he’s very aware that opportunities like this don’t come along often for a 44-year-old that many would say is getting towards the end of his career.

While he’s cognizant of what’s at stake and where he is in terms of his career, Henderson is excited to tackle the challenge and is confident in his ability to win races in the car.

“When I even talked about getting in the car to close out the season, I really only expected a handful of shows and we’d move on,” he said. “When Donnie told me he wanted to ease my mind and tell me the ride was mine, I couldn’t be any more relieved.”

“There’s some extra pressure when you are in a car like this and frankly, I’m getting towards to time of my driving career where I’m starting to think about what’s next,” he added. “With the people and resources they have, I’ve got the golden ticket and if I can’t make this deal work, maybe it’s time for me to start doing something else.”

The team most recently finished where they started – 18th – in Saturday night’s World Finals finale and has one more event together on the slate for the 2023 racing season. They’ll head to BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven, PA on Saturday, November 11th, to compete in the $25,000 to-win Les Stewart Showdown.

With his plans for 2024 taken care of and a few races under his belt in the No. 69k, Henderson is feeling confident about his chances of taking home the big check and hoagie that will greet the winner in victory lane.

“Not that I particularly needed it, but I’ve been feeding myself big doses of confidence since I got in this car and I think it’s time that we maybe eat something different.  I hear there is a hoagie on the line along with some money,” laughed Henderson. “I can go into this event without having to wonder if I’m still auditioning and hopefully, I can give Donnie, Davey, and all his partners the reassurance that they chose the right guy with a win here at BAPS.”

Henderson would like to thank Hinchman Racewear, Simpson Race Products, and all the Kreitz Racing partners on the car for their continued support!

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Justin Henderson sails by the massive grandstand during Wednesday's qualifying at The Dirt Track's World Finals in Charlotte (photo credit: Derick Kriner Photography)


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