Burke Motorsports Welcomes New Sponsor for 410 Sprint Program

Grove Financial & Associates Joins Burke/Newlin 410 Effort

Harrisburg, PA – September 16, 2020By Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Grove Financial & Associates is a full service independent broker for all forms of insurance: home, auto, business, life, renters, motorcycle, etc. They have been a successful business for over 25 years, committed to providing clients with exceptional service and professional advice. Now they, along with their associates Chaz Sheaffer and Derek Fry, can add racing supporter to their resume as well. The story of how their most recent partnership and involvement in 410 sprint car racing came to be is quite interesting.

The first two 410 sprint car outings for the Burke Motorsports / Zach Newlin pairing showed promise for the wheel-man from Millerstown, PA. The team qualified for both shows they attempted, at BAPS Motor Speedway and Port Royal Speedway respectively. The latter effort even yielded Newlin the Hard Charger award at Port’s Labor Day Classic.

Preparing for the Labor Day Classic at Port Royal Speedway

The success didn’t go unnoticed. Following the successful Labor Day outing, Zach received a text from long time friend Chaz Sheaffer congratulating him. He complimented Newlin on what he had seen, not only in a 410 but also his recent 358 success and long track record in a 305. He encouraged Zach to continue his pursuit of his dream of running a 410 sprint car on a regular basis. The conversation turned to possibilities and when Sheaffer learned that with a little help, Newlin would be able to run more races for Burke Motorsports in 2020. Chaz told Newlin, “You’re a hell of a driver. I would like to help you pursue that dream”. The wheels (pun intended) began turning in his head about how he may be able to help.

Sheaffer contacted Grove Financial colleague Derek Fry who was supportive and also wanted to create a partnership. They both agreed it was a good opportunity, so the pair put a proposal on the table they felt would bring benefit to all parties involved: Burke Motorsports, Zach Newlin and Grove Financial & Associates. It didn’t take long for the partnership to be agreed upon.

Shawn and Austin Burke want to express their sincere appreciation to Chaz Sheaffer, Derek Fry and Grove Financial & Associates for coming on board to help further their opportunity to put Zach in the seat of their 410 sprint car. Shawn shared, “We definitely wanted to race more with Zach but racing is expensive. It takes help from partners like these to put the car on the track and be competitive. We are thrilled to welcome Chaz, Derek and Grove Financial aboard!”.

Please consider contacting Chaz or Derek for your insurance needs by clicking their link below. @InsurancefromSheaffer

With the new sponsorship in place, Burke Motorsports can now make plans to run a few more 410 races in 2020, which will gain Newlin more seat time and valuable experience. Their third outing together and first with their new partner will be to take the Kriner Racing Engines, Grove Financial & Associates, DMI, Sander Engineering, Maxim Chassis #54 to BAPS Motor Speedway on Thursday, September 17th for the Kevin Gobrecht Memorial race.

The involvement of Grove Financial & Associates that Chaz and Derek have provided is a great start that allows the team to take the next step. For Zach Newlin and Burke Motorsports to think about putting together any weekly plans for 2021, there is still a need for more help. If you are inspired as Chaz was to get involved with an up and coming pairing, don’t be afraid to contact the team.

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