Dillman Hauling, LLC. joins Zach Newlin/Burke Motorsports 410 Sprint Car Program

Potential Continues to Grow for Zach Newlin with Addition of Another Sponsor

Harrisburg, PA – September 20, 2020By Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Dillman Hauling, LLC. has been offering clients throughout Perry County and the surrounding area quality transportation of materials since 2018. They offer Tri-Axle hauling for stone, shale, sand, topsoil, fill, etc.

When Zach Newlin and Burke Motorsports recently joined forces to run select 410 sprint car events, it drew interest from several folks who have followed Zach’s career. First the team was joined by sponsor Grove Financial Services & Associates, then through a connection there, the combination landed on the radar of Dillman Hauling, LLC of New Bloomfield, PA. Dillman Hauling also wanted to join the team and help Zach make the most of what is a pretty rare opportunity these days: the chance to race a 410 sprint car in Central PA.

Many want that chance. Few get it. So many things have to align to make it happen. Many talented drivers never get the chance to prove their ability because those pieces (car owner, crew chief, sponsors, financial support) never come together. Sometimes car owners find the crew chief, sponsors and financial support but never find the right driver.

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Newlin has showed promise quickly in a 410, earning the Hard Charger award at Port Royal’s Labor Day Classic and improving each night out, including qualifying for the first three features he attempted in a 410 sprint car. The additional support will allow the team to have the Kriner Racing Engines, Grove Financial & Associates, Dillman Hauling, Sander Engineering, DMI, Maxim Chassis #54 even better prepared for the remaining events this season.

As the 2020 season winds down, Burke Motorsports and Zach Newlin are starting to bring the pieces together. The recent additions of sponsors are a tremendous help, but for the pairing to think about putting together any weekly plans for 2021, there is still a need for more help. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact them to talk. Every little bit helps.

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Dillman Hauling, LLC’s logo is applied to the front wing prior to action at Williams Grove Speedway


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