Mother Nature Halts Promising Night for Austin Berry

ABR Finds the Handling They Have Been Missing

Port Royal, PA – August 1, 2020By Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Despite the rain that began to fall just before the night’s features were about to roll off, forcing ABR to load up and find cover, Austin Berry still had something to smile about at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night. All the hard work and long hours in the shop analyzing team notes from past races and a recent mid-week test session are beginning to pay off.

“That’s the best the car has felt this season”, Berry said while waiting to see if the weather was going to officially end their night. He added, “I could move around, change lanes and run just about anywhere I wanted…and the car still felt balanced, which is something we’ve been missing this year.”

The evidence collected earlier that evening certainly seemed to support that claim. 34 Super Late Models were signed in for the ULMS show that would pay $3,000 to the victor. In Group 1 qualifying, Berry logged the 8th quickest time of the 17 cars in his group. The division is ultra competitive and the slightest mistake on a lap can drastically change your night. As proof, consider this stat from Saturday night: only 0.762 seconds separated 1st from 10th in his group and Berry missed 7th by a mere 0.009 seconds.

A big reason ABR was able be ready to compete in the ULMS event Saturday night was the tremendous effort by and support from Joey Hershey of Hershey Racing Engines, who made sure the team’s primary motor was repaired in a short span of time from the failure that occurred in their previous outing. Both car owner Ken Berry and driver Austin Berry expressed their sincere thanks to Joey and Hershey Racing Engines (HRE) for their continued support. ABR has had a great relationship with HRE for several years, especially through Joey’s father Curtis, who recently passed away. Curtis was always available and came through for the team when they needed him. It’s clear Joey is cut from the same cloth and will continue that tradition.

The solid qualifying run for the ABR Rocket Chassis XR1, Swift Springs, MS Shock Therapy, Hershey Racing Engines, Berry’s Siding & Seamless Gutter, Nathan Berry Beef Farm #86 meant they would line up outside row 2 in the 4th position for heat two. Austin launched around the high side of turns 1 and 2 on the opening lap to charge into 2nd place. He settled in there to pursue leader Max Blair. Bryan Bernheisel wasn’t ready to concede the final redraw spot though and challenged Berry, recapturing 2nd place a couple laps later. The pair went back and forth multiple times, including exchanging the spot twice on the final lap, with Berry ultimately missing a redraw spot by a slim 0.21 seconds but his 3rd place finish was good enough to transfer to the feature event.

Berry was slated to line up outside row 5 in the 10th starting spot for the main event but unfortunately they will have to wait until September 5th to run that finale because Mother Nature intervened and ended the night before any of the feature events could turn a lap.


As always, thank you to all our sponsors and partners, including our silent partners who do everything they can to help but ask for nothing in return!

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