Newlin’s Season Still Plagued by Gremlins

2021 Has Been a Year to Forget

Millerstown, PA – Aug 2, 2021

by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management


Whatever joke the universe is playing on Zach Newlin’s 2021 season, the gig is up.  You can stop now.  It’s not funny.  


Newlin has had a lot of success in his 20-plus year racing career.  2021 may be the most challenging he has ever been through.


This cartoon sums up Zach Newlin's 2021 season.
This cartoon sums up Zach Newlin's 2021 season.

After losing their second motor in as many outings at Williams Grove Speedway back on July 16th, Zach Newlin and the Mansberger Motorsports team were back at the legendary Central Pennsylvania oval on July 30th with an emergency reserve bullet under the hood.  


The rest of Friday night’s story is unfortunately short.  During hot laps, Newlin experienced a severe vibration in the 21m.  The vibration was significant enough they would not be able to compete safely.  The team went to work trying to diagnose the problem, but had little success.  They missed their heat race as they continued to pursue the root cause.  Since a car must take the green flag in the A-main to collect any prize money, Newlin and Mansberger made the decision to take the green from their 19th starting position, then pull in immediately as a safety precaution. 


With no 358 sprint car racing at Williams Grove Speedway scheduled in August, Newlin and the Mansberger Motorsports team will sit out until the division returns on September 3rd.  They will use the time to regroup, reset their motor program, and go over their equipment thoroughly to resolve the vibration issue.


There are a few races remaining and this team wants nothing more than to finish strong.  They know their podium finish and top-10 early in the year were no fluke.  Entering the off-season with positive vibes and starting to build momentum for 2022 are essential right now.



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Photos from 7-30-21 at Williams Grove Speedway


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