ABR Port Royal 6-13-2020 recap

Port Royal, PA – by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway was one of those nights that is more common to a race team than any other kind of night. It was the kind of night that starts with optimism, evolves into confidence midway through the show and then ends with some perplexed but determined expressions on the faces of the crew and driver.

A stout field of 32 super late models was signed in last night, so the team’s 3rd place run in the 4th heat that locked them into the main event definitely brought early confidence.

The qualifying run was good enough for a 12th place start in the 25 lap feature. The initial laps looked very promising as Austin launched off turn two on the opening lap with a lot of speed, prepared to overtake a couple cars and move into the top 10 but as cars fanned out on the backstretch, he had to fall into line for the moment. Austin commented, “The car felt really good on the start and I thought to myself ‘we are gonna move forward tonight'”.

The track was black slick from bottom to top where there was a narrow cushion. “I knew getting grip down in the slick would be challenging but we were going to be good on the top”, Austin explained. That confidence held for a few more laps as he worked to break into the top 10, until “suddenly it just went away” he said. From that point on, the ABR 86 started slipping backwards in the running order, losing a spot every couple laps.

Sensing something was not right and with nothing to gain by continuing, the team made the decision to pull in on lap 18, giving them a 21st place finish for the night. Upon his arrival, the team discovered a nearly flat right rear tire due to a slow leak. There’s no way to be sure how early in the race the tire issue started but the team will have to factor that into their assessment of the setup of the car and resulting performance. They are confident in the setup progress they have made thus far this season and are working hard to get some grip on the tricky slick surface at The Speed Palace.

Current plans are to return to action Wednesday, June 24th at Port Royal Speedway.

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