Newlin’s Day Cut Short by Part Failure

Bad Luck Bookends to the Day for Zach Daddy

Harrisburg, PA – October 26, 2020By Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

The Burke Motorsports #54 of Zach Newlin (photo credit: Mike Leone)

The beautiful Central Pennsylvania autumn weather lured 38 cars to BAPS Motor Speedway on Saturday, October 24th for the Wintermyer’s Auto Salvage Night. Among them was the sharp looking Grove Financial & Associates, Dillman Hauling, LLC., Kriner Racing Engines, Sander Engineering, DMI, Maxim Chassis, Walker Performance Filtration, Burke Motorsports #54 piloted by Zach Newlin.

The field was divided into four 10-lap heat races via random pill draw. The format for this show would only advance the top 4 finishers to the A-main, while the non-qualifiers would take part in one of two B-mains, from which the top 4 would fill out the starting field for the main event.

Maybe the way Newlin’s day started should’ve been a sign. His draw placed him 8th in the starting lineup for heat two. As close as the competition is in the 410 sprint car division, passing four cars in a heat race can be quite a challenge. Zach’s Kriner powered Maxim was quick though and he managed to move forward in the race. He finished 6th, which may not have put him in the feature event but it did improve his starting spot in the 10-lap B-main he would now have to run.

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As is common when a team must compete in a B-main, the turn-around time to prepare the car isn’t as much as they would like to have. The car was pretty good in the heat but the Burke Motorsports/Newlin team still made adjustments to keep up with the ever-changing track surface. Newlin rolled off 4th for his final shot to put his team in the show.

The good news is the adjustments were enough for Newlin to hold off Kody Lehman for the final transfer spot into the show. The bad news is the team discovered a water pump bolt had broken during the consolation event and the failure was not something they could repair at the track in the time available.

It was a day with bad luck bookends. First the pill draw, now a part failure. A failure that was going to take away the opportunity to race in the event they had worked hard to qualify for. Not to mention valuable seat time for the 410 rookie. To reap what reward they could for their efforts, the team would need to take the green flag in the feature event, so the only option was to ‘start and park’.

Newlin could do nothing but shake his head and shrug. He summarized the day with two brief thoughts: “We were fast. My pill draw ability sucks.” Part failures happen. He has been racing long enough to know you just have to smile and focus on what you can control. It went in the books as a 24th place finish but that’s not what bothered Zach and the team. What disappointed them was not having the chance to get more seat time, learn more together and prove they could move forward.

There will be another chance down the road. Sure is ironic that a sport with sprint in the name actually requires a lot of patience over the long haul.

(left to right) Lance Newlin, Zach Newlin and Austin Burke prior to action at BAPS Motor Speedway on 10/24/2020.
(photo credit: Caleb Newlin)
Making adjustments.
(photo credit: Caleb Newlin)
Thanks Chaz & Derek at GF&A!
(photo credit: Caleb Newlin)

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Lance Newlin thinks things over.
(photo credit: Caleb Newlin)
Thanks Dillman Hauling, LLC!
(photo credit: Caleb Newlin)


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Zach Newlin has had plenty of reasons to smile in 2020. (photo credit: Caleb Newlin)