Keen Preparing 410 Sprint Car for Limited 2024 Schedule, Will Also Run Full Williams Grove 358 Slate

Carlisle, PA – October 24, 2023

by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Mgmt

Photo Credit:  Jeremy Zarfos Photography

Kyle Keen doesn’t have a lot of laps under his belt yet in a sprint car.  The Carlisle, PA native only entered the sport a few years ago via the 305 sprint car ranks, then moved up to 358 sprint cars a couple years later.  Starts have been limited mostly due to resource limitations.   

Some of the limited schedule has been by choice though, with the goal being to make the team’s resources stretch as far as possible.  Keen has been rethinking that approach somewhat.

The downside has been an inability to get into a rhythm.  It’s true, the only way to get better is seat time, but the cadence of that seat time is also an important factor.  The more racers race, the more the action slows down for them.  That improves their decision making behind the wheel.  Keen feels he hasn’t been consistently getting to that point.  Put simply, it’s been three steps forward, then two steps back.

The plans and resources Keen is working hard to put in place for 2024 are aimed at expediting his learning curve, improving the entire team’s experience and improving performance in the long run.


The biggest news is Keen’s plan to go 410 sprint car racing 15-18 times in the Fine Line Auto Body, Keen Parts/, Doubling Gap Ranch, Shetron, Auction & Equipment, LLC., Wicked Dog Grille, Heishman Racing Fuels, Wicked Cushion, DL Lehman Construction, Gearhead Coffee, Jeremy Zarfos Photography, Coyle’s Lawn Maintenance, 2B Wrapped, 4 Leaf Clover Farms, Turn 2 Terribles Podcast & Media, Kyle Keen Motorsports No.17k.

“I’m very excited to climb behind the wheel of a 410 sprint car. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, growing up in the sport it’s always been the most exciting, pinnacle of racing for me. “, Keen said.

Keen is realistic about what his first season in a 410 sprint car will be like.

“I fully expect to get humbled every time we hit the track in the 410 ranks, and we know it will be a tough division to climb into. But, it’s the best way for me to get the laps I need to continue to be a better race car driver.”

“As we looked at getting a second motor for our program, it only made sense financially to look at the 410 division. With much better pay and more opportunities to race many different tracks through the entire season, we felt it was the right thing to do, especially owning a team in central PA.”, Keen explained.

“Not only are we excited to hit the track with a 410 under the hood, but it will be an amazing opportunity for our sponsors and supporters to grow with us as we continue to push forward.” 

With live streaming, more media coverage, and overall increased promotion at the 410 sprint car level, the visibility and attention garnered by moving up is definitely a plus for sponsors.

“We will look at the schedule of all the tracks and come up with something that makes sense and allows me to get the seat time I need. Obviously, we will be staying away from all the major races, and focusing on racing on the normal, local, weekly night racing. “

“Honestly, if you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would be jumping into a 410 sprint car, I would have told you there’s no way. It’s going to be really cool to put a keen motorsports car back on the track, with me in it. It’s going to be a very special year for us next year and I’m excited.” 

Fans will likely embrace the return of the familiar car to the 410 sprint car ranks, a place where the family team made their mark for many years before Kyle’s grandfather Jesse Keen’s untimely passing in 2012.

“We have added some knowledgeable guys to our team over our time off, and I feel like we have assembled a crew that will get me competitive in both divisions. It showed towards the end of the season this year and even though we had a couple of tough tumbles at the end of the year, I felt our speed was really good and I was comfortable in the car. Things are looking up.”



Keen will also return to the 358 sprint car ranks in 2024.  His schedule will differ slightly though.  The Keen Motorsports team will chase the 358 sprint car championship at the famed Williams Grove Speedway.

“We are planning on running the full 358 schedule at Williams Grove. That will be our primary focus on Friday nights, with a sprinkle of some Lincoln races when the schedule allows.” We will have to see how the 410 schedule shakes out and plan accordingly.“, Keen said.

The 358 schedule will remain a key cornerstone of Keen’s development behind the wheel, as well as his team’s growth in the pits and at the shop.  Keen hopes the regular cadence of racing more frequently (compared to 2023) and his overall increased schedule will help him and the team improve more quickly and steadily. 



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Photo Credit: Jeremy Zarfos Photography

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