Update on Zach Newlin’s Recovery

Millerstown, PA – April 3, 2022

by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Feature Photo Credit:  Leister Photography


It has been two weeks since Zach Newlin’s hard crash at Port Royal Speedway.  Since the accident, Newlin has been attending physical therapy to work on his balance issues and other symptoms related to his original vertigo diagnosis.


Newlin is improving but his therapy has evolved to better treat his symptoms.  His case is now being handled as a mild-concussion.  Newlin will be reevaluated in about a week.


I don’t have any headaches or nausea, so that means it’s mild, which is good news “, Newlin shared.


He doesn’t know yet exactly when he will return to the seat of a sprint car, but it will likely be a week or two longer than originally hoped.  His original goal of returning to pilot the Mansberger Motorsports No.21m 358 sprint car at Williams Grove Speedway on April 8th is unlikely at this point.  It will likely be mid or late April before Newlin is ready to return to that seat or the Pryde Motorsports No.29 410 sprint car. 


I’d like to thank everyone who has reached out to check on me.  I appreciate all the get well wishes.  There is a lot of racing to go this year, so I’m not going to push it to come back before I’m ready “, Newlin commented.



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