Newlin’s Recovery Progressing; Return Will Bring Changes

Millerstown, PA – April 28, 2022

by Addicted2Dirt PR & Media Management

Feature Photo Credit:  Samantha Newlin

It has been nearly six weeks since the crash that sidelined Zach Newlin from the seat of a sprint car.  After a few weeks of progress that netted small steps forward, he has recently taken bigger strides in his recovery.


Despite not being behind the wheel himself, Newlin hasn’t strayed far from the dirt during his break.  He’s been serving as car owner and crew chief for his son Caleb, who is in his second season racing caged karts.  He picked up a win in his first season last year and is looking to add to his trophy collection.


Recovery Update


Although Zach’s physical therapy for balance issues and concussion-like symptoms was helping to a degree, he made the decision to consult a chiropractor about noticeable differences in his neck since the accident.  After an extensive evaluation, Newlin received treated for alignment issues in his neck.  Within hours he knew they were onto something.


I noticed a difference after my first adjustment.  Rapid head movement didn’t affect me quite as much as it had before”, Newlin shared.  He is now receiving both types of treatment and therapy, trying to “get everything firing together“.


I probably need a couple more weeks before I come back.  It would be nice to come back on May 6th at Williams Grove in Dan’s (Mansberger) 358 but we’ll see“, Newlin said.


Seat Change


In other news, Newlin has decided to step away from the Pryde Motorsports 29.


Zach Daddy fans shouldn’t worry though!  Plans are already in the works for Zach to return to 410 sprint car action at Port Royal Speedway in the near future.  


Newlin expects to be able to make an official announcement soon. Follow Zach at any of the outlets listed below to keep up to date.



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